Dave Doyle
Network Events, Reporting and Tuning (2008)
Note: for confidentiality reasons, parts of the interfaces have been obfuscated.
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Designing and leading the development of a project involving difficult technical concepts. Created new UI techniques for monitoring and configuring network events. This was a fairly large project involving many requirements over the course of a two years.
  Lead Specification Development
  • Skills: user stories, technical requirements, UI specifications, interviews
  • Description: Lead multiple teams (UI, middleware, core) in determining how to show data best to help users understand events, and network disturbances
Original event proposal Analysis of Initial Reporting
  • Skills: cognitive walk-through, interviews, personas
  • Description: Analyzed initial interface to determine viability and possible enhancements
Advanced events with levels and activations Reporting Improvements
  • Skills: user-centric design, php/javascript development
  • Description: Revamped simplistic and low-information density graphs into a higher-level, network-encompasing report
Original event tuning Analysis of Initial Data Tuning Process
  • Skills: cognitive walk-through, personas
  • Description: Worked with users and technical staff to determine what users wanted to tune
Advanced event tuning Data Tuning Improvements
  • Skills: interviews, information theory, user-centric design, php/javascript development
  • Description: Using user stories on how they worked, developed optimal method of tuning

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