Dave Doyle
The Legal Workshop (2005)
Note: for confidentiality reasons, parts of the interfaces have been obfuscated.
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Develop a custom framework that would allow any number of tools to be created by independent development teams, who wouldn't necessarily know of other tools. The tools had to have a consistent look/feel and to be fully integrated in spite of this.
Original Interface Original Interface
  • Skills: focus groups, brainstorming, interviews
  • Description: Establish the right metaphor, introduce users to change
User Requirements User Requirements
  • Skills: focus groups, defining UI specifications, brainstorming, interviews
  • Description: Educating users and collecting and organizing several hundred requirements from eight groups of stakeholders
  • Report (Table of Contents only) (78 kb)
Guidelines Table of Contents
UI Guidelines: Table of Contents
  • Skills: brainstorming, card sorting, UX vision & standards
  • Description: Distill requirements into an overall vision, architectural overview and UI guidelines documents
  • Document (6 kb)
Vision: ability for users to choose how to group tools UI Vision: Personalized Tool Grouping
  • Description: Object diagram
Legal Workshop, initial prototype Legal Workshop, initial prototype
  • Skills: focus groups, ethnographic research, interviews, user scenarios, iterative prototyping, expert evaluation, heuristic evaluation, UCD
  • Description: Work with users to develop quick paper and computer-based prototypes of main interfaces
Legal Workshop, final prototype Legal Workshop, final prototype
  • Modifications made based on user feedback and walkthroughs
Legal Workshop Startup User Flow Legal Workshop, startup user flow
  • Skills: user scenarios, functional specifications
  • Description: Determining the user flow upon starting Legal Workshop
  • Partial Report (156 kb)
Configuration - establishing folders Configuration screens
  • Skills: user scenarios, heuristic evaluation, field research, semi-formal UI reviews, UCD
  • Description: Establish a consistent tool configuration mechanism
Configuration, setting colors Configuration, setting up column parameters

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