Dave Doyle
Shopping Cart Extension (2005)
Note: for confidentiality reasons, parts of the interfaces have been obfuscated.
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Determine changes needed to make the shopping cart application improve its standing in the marketplace and lead design and development of these features
Shopping Cart Software Map
Shopping Cart Software Map
  • Skills: software analysis, web development, software architecting, content audit, site mapping
  • Description: Analyze, understand and stabilize existing software. Modify to use a solid, standard framework.
Central Configuration Screen Central Configuration Screen
  • Skills: HTML, web development, prototype creation, scenario building, cognitive walkthrough
  • Description: Design and develop an interface to allow non-technical users to develop a customized storefront
Camping Store Representative Storefronts
  • Skills: UX research, Web analytics, field research, customer interviews
  • Description: Modifying the interface based upon customer suggestions, verify intent and usability of new interface.
Cat Store Generator Store
Heirloom Store Bath Store

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