Dave Doyle
History Tool (2006)
Note: for confidentiality reasons, parts of the interfaces have been obfuscated.
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Designing and leading the development of a tool that would help internal users define complex relationships between multiple documents. This was a large scale project involving several thousand requirements and multiple teams of developers over the course of several years
Leading iteration planning Leading iteration planning
  • Skills: task analysis
  • Description: lead the effort to categorize thousands of requirements into 'buckets' to establish an iteration plan
Use Cases
  • Skills: focus groups, defining UI specifications, brainstorming, interviews
  • Description: Collecting several hundred use cases with alternate flows
  • Report (Table of Contents only) (65 kb)
Quick Prototype Low-Res (quick) Prototype
  • Skills: UX vision, low-res prototype creation, brainstorming, participatory design, field observations
  • Description: Using previous documents, I led brainstorming sessions and developed rapid prototypes of widgets and screens
Interaction diagram/storyboard Low-res Interaction diagram/storyboard
  • Skills: storyboarding, interaction diagram, user interviews, task analysis, brainstorming, IA
  • Description: Combining all interface 'snippets' to create a complete view of the system flow and interactions
Initial Prototype Initial Prototype
  • Skills: participatory/iterative design, heuristic analysis, cognitive walkthrough, user-centric design, expert evaluation
  • Description: Establish full-functionality of all screens into a static computer-based prototype, testing it against user expectations
Final Prototype Final Prototype
  • A number of minor midifications made using feedback and walkthroughs
Hi-res Storyboard High-res Storyboard
  • Skills: HTML/JavaScript coding, image creation, storyboarding, cognitive walkthrough, task analysis
  • Description: I created an interactive storyboard allowing users to walk through each screen and verify usability
The Final Interface The Final Interface
  • Skills: DHTML, CSS, formal UI review, heuristic evaluation, field observations, usability testing
  • Description: Lead the UI team to turn the prototype into a JSF/AJAX application, conducted formal and informal usability tests
Adding a Relationship Viewing Results and Menu Options

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