Dave Doyle
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Establish requirements, and design and develop a usable educational website for pet owners for the Veterinary Clinic of the U of MN.
PetCARE user scenario User Scenarios
  • Skills: develop requirements, competitive evaluations, questionnaires, IA
  • Description: Worked with all stakeholders to determine website purpose, who would use it and how. Determined an informational architecture to meet user needs and created generalized user scenarios
PetCARE site map Site Map
  • Skills: user needs research, IA, cognitive walkthrough
  • Description: Utilized user scenarios, requirements and IA experience to create a usable site.
Technology overview
  • Skills: web/database/program development, MVC architecture, web master
  • Description: Determined how to build an adaptable, automated, fully-linked website that wouldn't require a web developer as new content was added by a non-technical group by separating model (and input) from the view.
  • Report (44 kb)
PetCARE - front page Example Webpages
  • Skills: web/graphics development, prototype creation, iterative design, field interviews, typography
  • Description: Worked with stakeholder requirements/preferences and user questionnaires to develop several hundred linked pages that would capture user interest quickly.
PetCARE - dog articles Entry for a Cairn Terrier
Data entry forms

Form inputs

  • Skills: Visual Basic, user needs research, cognitive walkthroughs
  • Description: Creation of a set of easy to understand forms for the staff to fill in to create the adaptable website.
Webtrends Analytics Analytics information (WebTrends interface)
  • Skills: click-stream analysis, web analytics, UX research
  • Description: Updated text and page layouts based upon user feedback and web traffic flow to help enhance ease of use.

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